Certainly teenage girls, 61% advertised getting sexually active

Certainly teenage girls, 61% advertised getting sexually active

There’s zero mathematically factor receive anywhere between cultural groups and place of quarters. The average chronilogical age of sexual introduction was ±step 1.07. An increased ratio from people from outlying elements stated that have the first sexual feel through to the ages of 15, hence difference is statistically extreme (63% against. 32%). The present day generation from adolescent girls got a somewhat before sexual introduction compared to the feminine off reproductive decades.

Brand new teenage girls was basically surveyed on their thinking for the sex and ong ten% regarding participants. Twenty % of users was indeed against sex away from marriage (62 professionals, 19.5%). To try to get years old or more mature is considered to be the new max years having sexual first by 61% off people.

Among sexually active adolescent girls, 66% stated that their basic sexual come across is planned, 27% unexpected, and 7% had been compelled to some extent. On the a third stated that its first sexual encounter took place whenever they certainly were intoxicated by alcoholic beverages.

Table 3.9 summarizes the newest birth control habits out of teenage girls and women off reproductive age. Ways of birth prevention such hindrance (condoms) and you can disruption of sexual operate were utilized because of the half the players, no matter years otherwise ethnic provider.

Table step three.9

One of sources of factual statements about birth prevention and secure sex, below 10% away from adolescent girls reported which have chatted about it with the mommy or a mature female relative. Whenever, 1 / 2 of teenage girls reported understanding birth control and safer sex of family unit members. Only 1 into the 5 said scientific professionals or school given that supply of information.

Certainly one of Russians and you can Yakuts, 1 in step three female out-of reproductive ages had been partnered during the lifetime of this study. Which contour is a lot less than among Evenks, certainly exactly who over fifty percent was in fact partnered.

An evaluation off gynaecologic conditions one of women out of reproductive decades displayed the most frequent problems was in fact harmless conditions of one’s cervix and you can inflammatory techniques of the uterus and adnexa ( Table 3.ten ). Nearly 1 / 2 of participants was in fact diagnosed with a benign disorder regarding the fresh cervix, without mathematically factor amongst the teams. Infertility is recognized during the one in ten women, that’s a bit less than regarding general Russian populace.

Table step three.ten

Evenks out-of reproductive decades experienced gynaecologic problems a great deal more often than simply Yakuts and you can Russians in the same age group.

Sexually effective teenage girls knowledgeable ordinary cervical problems usually (one in cuatro). Most instances of pain of one’s uterine adnexa have been seen inside 15- so you’re able to 18-year-olds, frequently regarding an increase in sexual pastime certainly one of adolescent girls. Girls without sexual sense predominantly presented with vulvitis and you will vulvovaginitis. There’s no mathematically significant difference among the ethnic organizations.

Very important to the new Rajkot marriage site demographic future of Yakutia are the reproductive desires out of teenage girls. The vast majority on Russian classification – 88% organized into that have step one–dos pupils, 6% zero students, and you can 6% over dos youngsters. A statistically significant difference is actually present in the fresh indigenous organizations, that have 79% who structured towards the impact some people, and you can 17% more dos pupils.

When it comes to reproductive history ( Table step 3.eleven ), a lot more women off reproductive years regarding the native groups got a track record of maternity than just mong Russians. Total, only one in two pregnancies contributed to a beginning. Yakuts and you can Evenks had a great deal more early pregnancy terminations (triggered abortion, spontaneous abortion, non-developing maternity). Over fifty percent of all of the pregnancies about indigenous communities finished into the triggered abortion.

Dining table 3.eleven

Among teenage girls, 9% currently got a reputation maternity otherwise was pregnant at time of their test. An average chronilogical age of basic maternity is 16.4± ages. One of the girls who had been through abortions, 54% reported choosing pointers after the processes – having fun with dental contraceptives, and you will condoms from the absence of a routine sexual companion. Yet not, simply 30% stated following this pointers. The reasons quoted getting staying away from dental contraceptives are “large prices” (45%), “criteria for taking everyday” (32%) and you may “forbidden from the mother, sexual spouse” (13%).

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